India Corporate Internship

An opportunity to work with stalwarts of Indian Industry in one of the Fastest Growing Economies of the World

The Offer

  • Paid internship programme for 2 to 6 months
  • Multidisciplinary Opportunities
  • Enhance your skills, experience and knowledge
  • Available from Summer 2016

The opportunity

  • India-One of the fastest growing large economies in the world
  • To re-connect with your roots and work in a dynamic multicultural environment
  • Work in one of the biggest global markets


  • Indian-origin/students of Indian heritage/descent and Non Resident Indian(NRI) students pursuing Post Graduate programmes outside India in Management /Engineering / Science & Technology
  • The programme includes stipend & accommodation |Airfare to be borne by participants| Specific Terms and conditions vary in each intern-ship opportunity

Participating Companies